Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stampin'Up! Easter Treats

On Sunday afternoon, Laura and I made Easter treats for her classmates and dance friends. Before leaving to go to TX, I cut out and stamped everything so all she had to do was color the bunnies, ducks and flowers and us put them together. It took most of the afternoon as she needed 42. She was glad when the project was finished but seemed so happy to be able to help me for once. Normally I make things and send to her for her to give to her friends.

I was able to find the pastel M&M's at Target in TX. The bags came from www.clearbags.com, item number B1X8 (1X8+flap crystal clear). From a 12.6 oz. bag of M&M's, you can make 15 of these by putting 25/bag.

I looked at 3 places in Mooresville this morning for the pastel M&M's and all three places were sold out. So for a Camp I'm having tonight, I'm using the traditional M&M's. I think they turned out pretty cute and kind of Eastery since I used the little duck.

All paper, ribbon, stamp and ink are SU!

If you have any questions, please email me at shirleym@ctc.net.

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  1. Very cute idea!
    Thanks for sharing!