Monday, June 7, 2010

Something fun for the kids

It's time to be thinking about going to the beach!

School in TX is out but at home, in Davidson, school is not out until later this week. I'm sharing with you today something not related at all to stamping but thought it may give you an idea to fill some time with the kids. Laura made these over the weekend for a cookout we went to. Here's the recipe:

6 Ice Cream Sandwiches
6 tsp. canned vanilla frosting
Blue colored sugar
Gummi Bear candies
Frit Roll8Ups or striped gum (for beach towels)
6 hard candy rings
6 small round candy balls (for beach balls)
6 small paper umbrealls
Other assorted "beach" candy, optional

Frost half of one side of each ice cream sandwich with 1 tsp. frosting; sprinkle with blue sugar. Return to freezer 30 minutes or until solid.
Meanwhile, cut fruit roll ups or gum sticks to make "beach towels" and place each type of candy on a separate plate.
Remove from freezer and let each child decorate his or her beach scene as desired. Serve immediately.

Serves 6; prep time 5-10 minutes (freeze extra time)

These turned out so cute and for a party idea, get all the ingredients and let each child decorate his or her own. Enjoy!

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